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The 'Dog' Almighty- Story of a mighty being!

Precisely one year before, it happened in his life as a surprise, when someone with a kind heart came out of the blue and handed out a parcel to him. There was not even a single day in his life which passed on without a jolt and many of those days, he remembered, slept starved. He craved for attention of the good hearts of the society for long but none paid any attention to him as if he was not existing. He walked through the busy roads , aloof and in pain, with dry eyes and empty stomach, looking for someone to give him solace. Though he passed his good and healthy ages of his life, he was strong enough to do some solid works such as guarding a gate but to his great dismay, the discrimination in the society was on its heights, which denied the opportunity to the deserving one. The unparalleled level of discrimination prevailed in the society had haunted him even in his daydreams which had made his life a bitter truth and the depth of the same had plummeted him into boundless anguish and aghast.

Having dampened in the mist of sorrow which had gripped over him due to the unjust privileges the society was offering to its equally unequal citizens because of the status of the family or the cast or the creed he belongs to. Though he had never tried to grab his fair share from the neighbor, who had possessed it illegally, he often got astonished to see the level of inequality prevailing in the society due to the silence of the good minds than the cunningness of the bad minds. He never repented for being ferocious, at times, on his fellow beings as he knew that the said fierceness was the true depiction of his very existence, without which he shall also become a worm in the filth. He, though being an ardent non-believer of faith, had often slipped into superstitiousness of conviction, when came across meteoric successes happened in someone else’s life, who were less privileged than him. Though he hated autocracy to its core, predominantly due to the slackness of the freedom it offered, while seeing the pitfalls of the democracy and the demigods it had created in a dramatic manner, he started loving authoritarianism due to the protection it offers to its citizens. After all, as per him, the totalitarians are far better than the filthy politicians, due to the predictability of the mischiefs that can cause to the society at large by a cruel dictator over unpredictability of the cunning foxes of democracy.

But for last one year he had enjoyed more soberness and kindness which is visible in the society and felt more humanness in them than never before. Though most of them are wearing masks, which are far thinner than one’s they had worn before since their birth, he could see more kindness in them than never before. Though they are locked themselves inside their houses and feared to move out from the comforts of their blessings, their goodness seems to be unleashed at least towards the stray dogs like him, he made a sigh of relief while opening the food parcel handed over to him and then prayed to the God Almighty for the virus he had sent to the Earth to convert the inhumane into humans, and wagged his tail expressing his ultimate love towards the Animal lovers! Let’s pray to Dog Almighty, the Corona never ends!

Bijoy P Pulipra

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