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Make mistakes but learn something out of it

Updated: May 3, 2021

Amidst, numerous allegations about the ruling party and its representatives, the verdict of Kerala is unquestionably tilted towards left. With a tally of 99 authentic seats in its kitty, the Capitan had proved that he is the right person to represent the people of Kerala. The LDF, led by CPM, had grabbed the vote share enough to shy away its opponents and concreted the belief of the people who had voted in its favour. Congratulations, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala for this stupendous performance.

Though the arrogance and nepotism of the Government was evident on the face of it and had fractured the mind of the people of Kerala, they had decided to yet again elect the same Government to rule them. Though the Communism had got vanished from the rest of the World and other parts of India, the People of Kerala had kept it close to their hearts than never before. Have they did that due to sheer ignorance of the concept of communism without knowing its irrelevance in present capitalist driven economy ? What will be the reason behind the mindset of the people of Kerala to choose it over its opponents? When Joseph De Maistre said "In a democracy, the people end up with the government and leaders they deserve" Was he being sarcastic when saying so?

No. In my opinion, Joseph De Maistre was not sarcastic when spilling out the said words of wisdom. Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) , though expected to get at least 5 winning seats, had miserably lost its lone seat, though it had given tight fights to many of its opponents till the last breath. The Congress party, once was the solace of the minority communities, had lost its grounds in State of Kerala also, as the said communities had ditched it due to the fear towards ‘Hindutuva’ of BJP. The minority communities had traced out their savior in Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, who had always opposed the invasion of BJP, as a great wall. CPM, which was once a strong Hindu dominated party had fully drifted as a Prophet of minorities, which includes few extremist outfits, had helped it to grab the forbidden apple from the lonely heavens.

The top soil beneath the saggy foot of Congress Party had eroded and thereby uprooted the conventional electioneering system of the State. After the Rafale debacle in Loksabha Elections, Mr. Gandhi and his counterparts should have learned that, the people are averse to the negative propaganda and they will love those who are looking at the bright side of the things. Mr. K. Surendran and his team, though had raised many solid and valid points and took over the charge of opposition party, had tried to give too much communal color to each and everything they have come across, which had resulted in this shameful turn around. Due to that reason, BJP became a bitter and forbidden fruit for the minority communities, ever than before, and they had mercilessly decided to put their weight in favour of CPM and its powerful leader, which resulted in present sorry state of both the parties.

Other major reasons for the poll debacle of the said parties are lack of quality leadership and lack of vision. While the Kerala-BJP is suffering from severe drought in quality leadership, the age-old Congress party is overly burdened with power-thirsty Vethalas who simply are a gang of greedy old leaders. Both the parties are severely in need of thinkers who can show them the right path. Only visionaries can lead these parties to right direction, otherwise, the people will show them the exit route as they did and it will be too late to realize that the light at the end of the tunnel was an incoming train.

Once again, wishing a great tenure to Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, who had shown tremendous leadership qualities, by standing stout as an iron rod in front of all allegations, throughout his term as Chief Minister of Kerala. The heavens are not for those who are pretending to sleep but for those who are brave to eat the forbidden apple. Red is a primary color and adding more colours to it will turn it into black. Only time will prove that whether the colour of red shall always remain as same intense blood-red amidst the huge religious polarisation already happened in its favour. All the very best.


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