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Gen: Bibin Rawat & Marikkar- Sailors of same boat!?

“Marikkar- Lion of Arabian Sea” is a Megastar Mohanlal acted and Priyadarshan directed, new multilingual movie hit on silver screen , a major release during the pandemic, early in the month of December and boasted with a budget of Rs 100 Crore. Being a movie lover, I was also keen on watching the movie on big screen as I too had fed up with too much movies on TV. However, though I was keen to watch the movie of the director who directed the magnificent movie “Kalapani”, on big screen, I kept a pause on my plan to go to a theatre after going through the trolls, which contains distressing and devastating negative comments about the making and quality of the said movie. The trolls were mostly of same language and coming down heavily on the movie in the form of harsh criticisms and body shaming , which is adequate enough to hold back normal audience from visiting the theaters. So, I too had dropped the plan to go for the movie as it will be very difficult to waste three hours in dark to watch a boring movie. Last day, being bored by sitting at home, we decided to watch a movie and Marikkar came up as an obvious choice. With lot apprehensions in mind but with very low level of expectations, I, along with my family, bought the tickets and had decided to test our level of patience. But to my surprise, the movie was spectacular and was a visual treat with its “gladiator “ kind of making. I loved the movie, its making and the emotional way of the story telling. Hats off to Mr. Priyadarshan!. While watching the movie, I was thinking about the reason for the negative reviews and body shaming trolls that were flushing into social media pages and had wondered about the mindset of those who created it. Weren’t they more fanatic and fascist than sarcastic? Weren’t they more destructive than critical?

The very next day, the sad news of the demise of India's first Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat, who lost his life in a tragic air accident, filled the screens of same social media, and many had expressed their shock and disbelief on the said incident and had prayed for the souls of all those who lost their life in the said incident. However, in between those prayers and condolences, few emojis with smiley and happy faces had disturbed my mind. One pleader of Government of Kerala had went a step ahead and used this avenue to criticize the manner in which General Bipin Rawat had got appointed as Chief of all the three forces. General Bipin Rawat was the chief of our defence staff and was the pride of our nation. It’s more anti national than shameful to get rejoiced on the occasion of his sad demise.
The mindless criticisms and thoughtless actions of few can create a huge divide in the society and the same may create sparks in social relationships. The fate of Marikkar had determined by the same anti- socials who had put the smileys on wreath of Chief of Defence Staff and it’s really a worrisome matter.
Bijoy P Pulipra

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