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Three Cheers to all the leeches! Farmer laws repealed

Indian democracy had successfully failed the most promising reforms in agrarian sector and left the poor farmers to the mercy of the middle men, hawks and political goons. The three notorious(!) farm laws , which had burnt the streets and minds of Haryana, Punjab and part of eastern Uttar Pradesh since its introduction in the parliament in the form of ordinances, had come to a happy ending, at least for the middle men and politically shortsighted leaders. Like the goats which are being led to butchery, the poor farmers are being fed with a satisfying supper, to enjoy the ills and odds of the current spoiled system and left to be toiled in the screeching fields forever. The iron will of the leader had given way to the political will of his party and it's quite ironic to see that the scapegoats are celebrating joyously on listening to the news of their impending massacre.
By shutting the doors of mutual consensus, by rejecting all types of conciliation, by creating havocs and unrest, by willfully rejecting the offers of government for open discussions, the middle men, the leeches, had poured untoward and blatant lies to the hearts and souls of poor illetarate farmers, till they got concreted as lead in their ears. Leeches have now all reasons to rejoice. Now they can , boast on their will power, rejoice the beauty of the Indian democracy and then start counting the heads of farmers who are committing suicide, for want of food, money, market and life! Long live democracy!
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