Joju & Arun ! It concerns me too, but…!

Being an admirer of good actors and great films, i am an ardent fan of Mr. Joju George, who is one among the fine and realistic actors of Malayalam film industry. Whenever I see Mr.Joju George on screen, I felt a striking similarity , especially of his rough and tough looks, with my friend Mr Arun A Unnithan, who is the Managing Director of Cordon Builders and Realtors Private Limited. But I never conveyed his striking similarity with Joju, as I do not want to unnecessarily foster his self-esteem !

It may be strange and coincidental that both of them were on news on recent days for same or similar reasons for getting physically and verbally abused and attacked by political outfits for expressing their strong opinion, not for their own benefits but for the society in general. Out to sheer curiosity I had tried to relate both of them, beyond their appearance, by looking from a legal perspective and astonished to see the similarity in both the cases. Alas!. I could find that they are not just look alike but are severely oppressed and manhandled for expressing their opinion against the political goons!!

Recently it was on newspapers that Mr. Arun A Unnithan, District Vice Chairman and State Committee Member, Builders Association of India and Secretary of CREDAI had got manhandled by a trade union leader, in the presence of a mooted District Labour Officer, for demanding a parity in the loading and unloading rates of Thiruvananthapuram, especially for construction materials such as cement and steel. The newspapers reported that the Builders Forum had requested for a 12 months period freeze on rates of twelve construction materials, which will help the construction industry in particular and the common man is general. The construction rates of Thiruvananthapuram, which is already skyrocketed will get drastically affected if the demands of the politically induced trade union leaders are approved and the same shall directly impact the common man who is looking for a solace in the midst of ever spiraling fuel price rates. By reading the news, I got bit astonished by the level of investor friendliness maintained at the State of Kerala and had got disappointed by the politically driven ‘goondaism’ which had gripped over my neck like a tightrope. Are we going to get freedom from this, ever?

Similarly, at Vytilla, Kochi, Mr.Joju George had got abused and his Land Rover got wrecked for questioning the political stalwarts, who were staging protest by shamelessly blocking the public roads during busy business hours! The only mistake, Mr Joju had done is to question the political outfits for their brazen deeds. They claimed to be staging protest against the amplifying fuel prices and , of course, they have all freedom to do so. But they have no right to block the roads and harass thousands of people in the name of the protest. It is not less than political militancy!