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Death! Shame on you

Common man is dying, a slow death, a cold death, an unfortunate death, a death without a purpose, a death without any remorse, a death without a reason, a death without any logic, a death of agony, death of anguish, a death of despair, a death of sorrow, a staggering and confusing death with deadly frozen eyes, a death gripped around his neck as a tightrope in an untimely manner, a death invited on the ignorance and callousness, a death undeserved in the absence of planning and coordination, a death depicting the incompetence of Governments, a death without prescriptions, a death without life breath, a death without inoculations, a death away from his kits and kins, a death with dry mouth and wet eyes, a death as a mere number in the records of greedy hospitals, a death deeply frozen in the lonely freezers of mortuaries, a death ending him up just as an ordinary death in the news columns among many other uncelebrated deaths, an anonymous death in the midst of chaos and bewilderment and corpses are floating everywhere, burning in backyards, dumping in dirt, dragging as a product, ditching in the crematoriums and finally buried and celebrated among the death charts of Governments, for gifting him a decent death! Shame on you.
Bijoy P Pulipra

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