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#SaveLakshadweep - The tale of the tail of a curious monkey.

Updated: May 25, 2021

I became stupendously curious like any other monkeys, when I heard about the Lakshadweep, the smallest union territory of the country consisting of a group of 36 islands situated off the coast of Kerala with an area of 32 sq km which suddenly became the center of attraction of Social Media and my eccentricity hiked to its heights when I happened to open the twitter pages with ha(r)sh tags #SaveLakshadweep. I got delighted to see the facebook post of Mr. #PrithivirajSukumaran, the young and adorable superstar of Malayalam film industry, who sincerely made a touching post on the plight of the poor citizens of the Lakshadweep. I haven’t paid any attention to the politically drafted letters, salted with factionalism, of the political leaders and meaningless clamors of their henchmen, as I had progressively developed an unknown aversion to such kind of people who are making weird noises like pigs at the stroke of the midnight. But I overheard the punchlines such as beef ban, oppression of muslim community by a Gujarati RSS administrator, failure of federal structure etc through those loud noises. I also happened to read the letter written by Mr. #ElamaramKareem to the President of India airing his concerns over various atrocities happening in the Island under the supervision of the Administrator and he accused the Central government for disturbing the religious and peaceful life of the people of the Island. He, by sitting in Kerala which is drastically affected by Second wave of Covid, had accused the Administration of Lakshadweep for the spike happened in the Covid cases in the Lakshadweep and noted that the said spike is due to the protocol change made by the Administrator of the Island!. Though I am fully aware about the strategic importance of the islands, which is near to Maldives and Srilanka where the Chinese had made huge strategic investment in recent times, and the interest of the Central Government to develop that place as a strategic location of India in its west coast, being moved by the post of the young superstar, I had decided to read and understand the fact from the very source before it getting too much soiled in the dirt created by social media.

Out of curiosity, I went through the official website of the Lakshadweep Administration and read out all the notices, circulars, orders etc in detailed manner but could not find any proper reason for the concerns raised by Mr. #Prithviraj and Mr. #Kareem. I eagerly looked for the notification released by the Administrator on the blanket ban of “beef” and also tried to trace out t