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Tributes to a great visionary!

Life does not consist entirely of what we see and hear and feel, the visible world which is undergoing change in time and space; it is continually touching an invisible world of other, and possibly more stable or equally changeable elements, and no thinking can ignore this invisible World”
-Jawaharlal Nehru
India need a thought leader, visionary, teacher, orator, writer, philosopher, scholar, traveler, historian, politician like Jawaharlal Nehru , who had a rational mindset to study, preach and propagate his beliefs and had influenced me to for an opinion on any topic of interest through learning, reading and writing. The years he spent in jail had polished his thoughts, brushed up his intellect and brighten his vision. He was not a religious person but had good understanding about all religions around the World. He hated superstition and believed in contributions of science. At the same time, he never considered science as an ultimate solace for the problems of the human being and trusted that the science is ever evolving. He was a great philosopher and a great leader and had loved metaphysics and philosophy than mythology. Though there are many allegations about his personal life, I adore the vastness of his knowledge and love his ability to present the same in an excellent manner. Tributes to the legend on his 57th death anniversary !
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