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The Secret

Like all the previous evenings, he meticulously and diligently presented himself before the press to address the nation to update about the health condition of the President, who got seriously injured in an accident happened two weeks before, at the outskirts of the village near Huber, on the gloomy path to a lonely farm house, where the population is less than 97 as per last census, and also to brief about the blood pressure levels and other vitals and also to explain about the risks of continuing the President in the ventilator for further period. While addressing the press, he noticed the grim face of the reporter of the Huber Daily, who asked some disturbing questions, last day, about the details of the owner of the farm house where the remains of the car of the President was found and also about the whereabouts of the major shareholder of the hospital in which the President is presently admitted. Trying to avoid eye contact with the said Reporter, he glanced through the questions given by the press, as no direct questions were allowed during the press conference as an unwritten rule, and felt delighted about the huge political mileage he had gained by taking care of the health of the President and by updating the same to the nation in a duteous manner, on daily basis. Before winding up the session, the Huber Reporter suddenly stood out of the crowd and tossed another question, seems to be sarcastic but was highly contagious and infectious- “Who will succeed the President, if something happened to him while at the hospital”. Neglecting that question in a careless manner, he moved to the mike and announced in a commanding voice “No more press briefings, until the President is discharged from the Hospital!!”.

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