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The Outlawed Gangs!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Inqilab Zindabad! Inqilab Zindabad! The rhythmic uproar of students in the school corridors followed by loud banging noise of the bell, denoting the premature winding up of school sessions, were always a bliss to my ears, especially during the days on which I was expecting some question-answer session from my class teacher. I was never bothered about the color of the flags or name of the parties, who are offering us free days out of the blue, and considered it as a tabooed activity.

Joining the student wing a political party was an outlawed and shameful act , as told to me by my parents, and I assume that it was same for you also during those days. The political parties were for those students who were back benchers and the bright students were forbidden from joining them. Though I was not a bright student and was a so-so middle bencher, I never got attracted to the so-called parties due to the orientation I got from my family. We are now paying huge price for that wrong orientation!

Years passed. All the front benchers and middle benchers had grown to become, clerks, officers, professionals, teachers, doctors, engineers, IAS etc etc and the back benchers were emerged as their rulers. They became the new age Caesars and grabbed the fair share of God to became demigods. Politics is now really a shameful act, as it does not have any integrity, quality, transparency, authenticity and beyond all accountability. A political leader is free to change his words every now and then, shameless enough to shift the sides and talk loosely on any matter without any integrity. Politicians are licensed to abuse, belittle and insult anyone and destined to amass wealth and determined to decide the destiny of the common man accordingly to his whims and fancies!

We, the Indians, eat, drink and sleep politics and it is imbibed into our blood and deep rooted in our thoughts. I think, every Indian is a political stalwart , at least in his mind, and have his own strong opinion on all the political matters. But we are averse to politics in day light, cowards to call the spade a spade and shy to point the fingers to the naked leaders who are walking across the streets, audaciously, after robbing our clothes! We are united in spirit but divided in thoughts and are sober enough to get tricked by the political leaders. Our protests are feeble to create crack on the walls of social media pages, which are filled with filth and dirt, dripped from the cheap gimmicks of our political leaders.

Though many of us have the capacity, will and ability to lead the nation in right direction, due to the wrong orientation we got from our families, we missed the right path and thereby let the fools to rule us. The political leaders, not all but majority, are bandits and dacoits and does not have any sense of belongingness to the country and its people. Yes, we are paying price for our ignorance.

It will be just, if we orient our children to become great leaders and teach them to become a noble politicians by retaining the skills and expertise in their respective areas. India, a country with huge resources , skilled and unskilled manpower are getting crushed in the arms of political leaders and suffocating to get a gasp of corruption free system. At least, let our children save the Mother India!

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