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Scoundrels, Saints & Scholars

How many years may have passed so far, that many rulers, reformers,saints, scholars, scientists, scoundrels, cons, criminals and idiots had lived herein but none had made any change so far. We built the empires filled with greed, agony, anger and anguish to become the emperors of it whereas our successors and followers shall shatter those dreams into dusty ruins, I swear, for sure.
We are busy in craving the marbles to mark our excellence, engrossed in shaping our tombs to submerge our reminiscences and toiling tirelessly to collate our fortunes, but are failing to recollect the names of our forefathers who had toiled like us to make their memories last forever and walked over the burial grounds, dampened with the sweat and blood of their ancestors, to mine the glorious gems, as we do now!
Our minds are swelled with anger and jealous, heads are hanging with pride and prejudice but shall conquer this World for sure, I swear, and shall leave this space forever, without leaving any marks and spots, but with empty brains, crippled thoughts and, hollow hands which are dangled out of our coffins, and our sons shall strewn our tombs with gold, silver and precious stones, which we earned out of our life!

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