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Moral of the Story of the Wolf!

Rafale! Rafale! Rafale! He exclaimed, exasperated and screeched for a while, then went down into the depth of his burrow and dozed off for some time on the lap of his mother, often slipped into deep sleep and dreamt of becoming the king of the country, in the strength of the annotations he had made out of thin air. Outside his burrow, there were waiting a huge crowd, anxiously but with painful patience, expecting the resurrection of their leader from the ashes, which had polluted the minds of many with his mindless allegations, like a phoenix bird, though they understand to the core that, such a revamp in nothing but a swampy dream.

Success of a democracy lies not in might of the rulers but in the will of the opposition, I trust. Unless there is a strong opposition, which can stand up and speak out about the ills and odds of the rulers, the democracy will derail from its path and run the nation into ruins. Unless the opposition is making a constructive criticism by taking the seat of a co-pilot, the democracy shall take a back seat and the leaders of opposition shall soon taste the mud of the bins, in which the people of India shall surely dump them.

The Constitution of India, the Gita of Democracy had blessed the opposition with amble powers and duties to lead the nation to right direction, but the incapacity to understand the same shall compel the People of India to see a comical character in you, unlike your graceful and knowledgeable forefathers, and We the People of India, shall not forgive you for the unpardonable dereliction in your duties.

The leader of opposition should be diligent, vigilant and elegant to read the mind of the People of India, which will help him to lead the nation for the People. Instead of exercising the conferred duties, if you indulge in making loose comments on critical matters and engrossed in making baseless allegations without any level of consistency, you may face the plight of the Shepherd who had been beaten up by villagers and later on eaten up by the mighty Wolf, and thereby paid the price for lying about an imaginary Wolf, to seek the attention of the villagers.

Bijoy P Pulipra

Images: from Internet

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