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The Great Ideas I learned from Facebook

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I was itching for, rather dying to, write something on my blog since yesterday morning. I tried to write something about corporate laws, which is my core area of activity, but could not find a fascinating topic to write about and hence dropped that idea instantaneously, with a sigh of reprieve. Then I had glanced through the online editions of various newspapers to find a good piece of news to elaborate about, but to great dismay and disappointment, the said pages were filled with Covid related news, which I found as over-discussed and monotonous due to redundancy and repetition.

Without any official emails and phone calls, which got depleted due to past few weeks of sedentariness among the business community, a complete paradox to pre-lockdown situation, with the boredom that caused due to dullness, I skated through the Facebook , the burial ground of civilisation where the virtuous intentions and will of noble people are being trolled and buried with sarcasm and attitude, I searched, unsuccessfully, for a good piece of information to write about. While scrolling down through the blue coloured pages of the Facebook, my pessimistic mind could grasp only an agenda driven, manipulated and distorted information and felt uncompromising cynicism as the driving force behind it. Some are busy in feeding the news to their followers by adding spice and flavours, political leaders are acting as jokers to keep their sympathisers together and yet another is trying to belittle someone to outsmart another, one is making it as a platform to trash and tarnish the religious sentiment of another and being frightened and ashamed on the faceless people who are fighting each other beneath each items, like hungry vultures, I came out of the Facebook with an exasperated but with a relieved mind, without attaining a proper substance to write about.

Then, to extract some good thoughts to shape the mind, which was heavily distorted by usage of Facebook, I went to my library to look for some good books to read about, where I got the great and inspiring speech of Mr. Martin Luther King Jr, wherein he had dreamt about a World where content of the character is more important than color of one’s skin, about a day where the people are living with equality and feeling of oneness than hatred and, in his speech, he wished to convert the mountain of despair into stone of hope and expressed his ambition to convert the cacophony of his nation into a great symphony.

After reading that speech in full, it came as a great revelation that, the ideas shall seamlessly flow into one’s mind without any distortion directly from the pages of great books, not from the filthy pages of Facebook, and it can really work wonders on anyone. Being inspired by the said speech I decided to write a good article, of which the subject is yet to be crystallised.....

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