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Good minds and Great minds! Bingo

Years back, two Italians, Mr.Antonio and Ms.Emilia, in their early thirties, came to my office to discuss about forming a new company to start a business in Kerala. As both of them were very energetic and noticeably pleasant, I decided to spend some quality time and explained about the pros and cons of starting a company and briefed them about the compliance which are required to be carried out under the FEMA and FDI policy of India. While the discussions were in progress, I noticed a whimper, possibly from the bag Ms. Emilia was holding, which continued throughout the meeting and before winding up the session I asked, out of curiosity, about the source of the whining sound. To my great surprise she pulled out a small and cute puppy from her bag and kept him on my table. I got bit embarrassed to see the puppy on by working desk, but by hiding that blush, enquired about the breed of the dog and the reason for carrying him in the hand bag. With a calm and serene voice she told me that they got the pup from the road in front of my office and they are planning to adopt it. By trying to hide the smile that jumped out of my lips, I thought about their silly mindset and bid them adieu, to meet at a later point of time. We completed the procedures of incorporation and they started their business, in a small but elegant manner.

Months later they came to meet me again to discuss about purchasing a property in the name of the company to provide accommodation to the guests and I promptly advised them about the necessary formalities. To send them off, I went downstairs and got really surprised to see the pup, Bingo, as a grown up and heathy dog, waiting for them in their taxi-cab. With bit wonder but more with disdain, I thought about their poor mindset to adopt a street dog and sarcastically praised them about their generosity and then send them off.

Years passed by and our relationship grew stronger and every year they promptly visited me, sometimes with gifts from Italy, to carry out the annual compliance of their company. During the passage of time I forgot about their dog, Bingo, and never bothered to enquire about him. Few years back they requested me to change the company to dormancy status, as it was difficult to visit India in frequent manner due to the visa restrictions, which I promptly helped them to do.

Last year when they came to meet me, I discussed about an option to wind up the company by liquidating its assets and repatriate their investments, as they are hardly doing any business in India. Though they had agreed in principle to wind up the company, I noticed their hesitancy in selling the house. On enquiry, they told me that they have a cat at their house, which they got from the street, and wish to take her along to Italy before selling the house to someone else. Being astonished, I recollected about their Bingo and asked about his fate, by retaining an impression that they may have left him somewhere when they went back to Italy. My plan to a make dig on their annoying animal love got a real set back when they explained about the complex procedures they had undergone to ship him safely to Italy and then, with lot of affection and love in their eyes, enlightened me that, Bingo is very safe at their home along with few other pets!. I got really moved by their unparalleled and incomparable affection to the living beings and felt really proud to have them as my friends.

Now, the company is still in dormancy and the house is well maintained with help of some neighbours, the lucky cat, Rani, is waiting for her turn to fly to Italy to lead a majestic life along with Bingo and his friends. Everyone have good minds but only few have great !.

Bijoy P Pulipra

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