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#Georgekutty and #OperationJava!

The #Drishyam2 , the sequel to the megahit Malayalam movie #Drishyam had rocked the living rooms of movie lovers across the world, especially the #keralalites since its release in Amazon Prime on 19th February, 2021. Being thrilled by reading the reviews and comments, I too had watched the same with very same excitement. Though I am not a film critic but a fan of good movies and I have no technical knowhow of the cinematography, the frames of #Drishyam2 is as fresh and good as its predecessor. #Mohanlal is magnanimous and elegant as usual and handsome than never before. The movie is designed in a magnificent manner to thrill you from beginning to the end, without giving us a pinch of #guilty #consciousnesses to mentally support and pray for the criminal to help him to escape from the eyes of law. The movie also carefully and beautifully kept the law and police in the villain side and protected the criminal family on the leading end. To that extend the movie is beautiful and well designed.

But the second half is full of contradictions and the plot is not suitable for the year #2021 where the cybercrimes are being traced and culprits are being arrested in same day or sooner. The story presents a vigilant police officer, elegantly presented by #MuraliGopi who is duty bound and emotionally connected to the controversial #Varun #murder #case and pledged to checkmate #Georgekutty and his family at any cost. He created an invisible web around #Georgekutty to keep a close surveillance over him and his family and had waited for six long years to get a good chance to plot him. He eventually got successful in tracing the body remains from the police station and the investigation leads obviously to #Georgekutty . Till that point the movie was safe and easy to digest. But after that #Georgekutty, being an extraordinary man with criminal genius had travelled from Idukki to Kottayam, stayed in the room of the security guard of forensic lab for that night and do some tricks to save his family. My natural doubt at that stage is, why the investigation officer had failed to assign at least a constable to keep an eye on #Georgekutty, the prime suspect, to have a check on his movements. After waiting for 6 years he could have extended the same surveillance for next 24 hours at least! If so, the story would have end then and there itself and #Georgekutty should have been behind the bar along with him daughter and wife! Is that a failure of the script writer or he had played safe by taking an anticipatory bail through the character of #Saikumar by making him say that “there are few risk elements in climax”. Even the investigation officer presented by #MuraliGopi is confessing before the Magistrate about the lack of #systemicsupport he got in the case. But it was more than easy for him to trace the location of Georgekutty by merely making a call to cyber cell of the police department and no systemic support was needed for that at least.

And finally, #Gerogekutty would not have handed over the #ashes of #varun to his parents, who pledged to put him behind the bars, if he had watched #Forensic movie in which #Tovino played the lead. Even from ashes, #DNA can be traced, says #Tovino!!

Coincidentally, the #OperationJava directed by #Mr.TharunMoorty which running successfully in theaters now is based on the theme #Cybercrimes and the said film beautifully showcases the investigation of the police department to bust the criminals with the help of cyber police, within few hours of a murder. The said story is plotted in #2015, which is 5 years prior to the plot of #Drishyam2.

In my humble opinion, #Georgekutty, being a movie buff would not have ventured into the misadventures, if the #OperationJava was released in #2020

Bijoy P Pulipra

ഇത് സ്‌ക്രിപ്റ്റ് എഴുതിയ ആളുടെ പരാജയമാണോ? ദൃശ്യം 2നെക്കുറിച്ച് വ്യത്യസ്തമായ ഒരു റിവ്യൂ

ഇന്നലെ ആമസോൺ പ്രൈമിൽ റിലീസ് ചെയ്തതിന് പിന്നാലെ ലോകമെമ്പാടുമുള്ള പ്രത്യേകിച്ച് മലയാളികളായ സിനിമാ പ്രേമികളുടെ സ്വീകരണമുറികളെ ഇളക്കിമറിച്ചുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കുകയാണ് ദൃശ്യം 2.ഞാൻ ഒരു സിനിമാ നിരൂപകനല്ല, നല്ല സിനിമകളുടെ ആരാധകനാണ്. തുടക്കം മുതൽ ഒടുക്കം വരെ നിങ്ങളെ ആവേശത്തോടെ പിടിച്ചിരുത്തുന്ന രീതിയിലുള്ളതാണ് സിനിമ.ജോർജുകുട്ടിയെ മാനസികമായി പിന്തുണയ്ക്കാനും, അയാളെ നിയമത്തിന് മുന്നിൽ നിന്ന് രക്ഷപ്പെടാൻ സഹായിക്കണമെന്ന് പ്രാർഥിക്കാനും പ്രേക്ഷകനെ പ്രേരിപ്പിക്കുകയും ചെയ്യുന്നു Read full news at

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