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Let them grow to fish them big!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The depth of the seabed was warm throughout that shiny sunny day, with reefs and corals shining along, she looked at her babies, the tiny tots swimming around, playing hide and seek in the corals, proud but at the same time kept her alertness at its peak to protect them from the invaders that could come their way at any time. Calm, serene and blissful with no perils anywhere in vicinity, she let them play, whilst was able to decipher any imminent danger that could come across. One day all of them will grow strong, leaving behind all the ills, odds, threats and dangers, swim across the reefs and build an empire of their own, she dreamt. The reefs, the line of rocks above the surface, will protect and strengthen them, she felt confident. She taught and trained them ways to escape, survive the odds and shatter the enemies. Alerted them, about the fishing nets that could spread its wings from the boats, but instilled confidence in them that the mesh size of the fishing nets could not catch the baby fishes, as it is designed to catch only the big ones. Exhilarated with ecstasy of protection, the baby fishes, the tiny tots, played across the corals without knowing the looming hazard, which is nearing them in the shape of bottom trawling boats. Before they could decrypt, the trawling net wrapped around, destroyed the corals, reefs and entire ecosystem, their adobes of comfort, grabbed the entire mass of seabed around them to make them realize that the nets, as against their mother’s aspirations, are of small mesh size. The fishes, big, small and tiny, fell into the trap, gasped for the final breath, when the net dragged them on to the board of the boat, after lot of mayhems and destructions.

The story of the fishes, the small and tiny ones, who tried but failed to build a life in the ecosystem, is also of the corporate world, where the government machinery is spreading the trawling net to filter the non-compliances of the micro, small, medium, big, large, multi-national and huge conglomerates using same sized nets, by letting the smaller ones to gasp for their final breath. Unless the size of the compliance net is judiciously designed, the micro, small and medium enterprises of the country will struggle, often fail, to survive. Beware!

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