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Ernesto "Che" Guevara- An epitome of revolutionary politics

Che Guevara, the hard core communist ideologist and poster boy of the Marxist revolution, was the embodiment of dispassionate commitment towards the ideologies, which he believed as true, till he got killed in Bolivia, after getting captured in the middle of a guerrilla war, on 9 October 1967 at the age of 39, with the assistance of CIA. Ernesto "Che" Guevara, an Argentinian by birth, a medical professional by qualification, Cuban by endeavour and World Citizen by mind was the flagship holder of guerrilla war and rebellion insignia, had always fought against inequalities in the society in the form of hunger, poverty and disease.

Through the 5000 mile historical motor cycle journey throughout streets of South America, which includes, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador in the year 1953, he formed a strong opinion against US domination, after getting influenced by the huge disparity prevailing in the society and decided to fought against the colonialism and capitalism natured by the USA, in the soil of Latin America. Being a prisoner of his own thoughts he fought against the ills and odds in the society and identified Guatemala as place for his activities, later shouldered with Fidil Castro, the iron fist of Cuban Revolution, and captured the power of Cuba from Fulgencio Batista, the dictator. Fidil, Che and Raul Castro had ruled Cuba and implemented the land reforms, which directly affected the huge land banks in the names of various US corporations in Cuba, and thereby became a constant nuisance to the US imperialism.

Cuba got assistance from Soviet Union to fight against US and the said tug of war had claimed many lives, including of John F Kennedy, the President of America. Che, later found to have difference of opinion with Fidil Castro, on account of the relationship maintained by Castro with Soviet Union, which was turned to be an exploiter of the common man. He was unhappy about the approach of Soviet Union to Third World Countries and he could not find any difference between them and other capitalist nations. Che always believed in distribution of wealth from rich to poor and strived for bringing parity in the society through land revolution and entered into tie ups with Chinese Marxist, who are more into Marxist ideologies than Soviet Union. The more closer he made himself to Chinese Marxist group the more strained became the relationship with Fidil Castro. Fidil Castro who always wanted to be in the good books of Soviet Union had maintained a safe distance with Che and that had compelled Che to explore Bolivia as his next battle ground, where he ended his short but eventful life.

Though he had bathed the streets of Cuba and Bolivia, may be with good intentions, with human blood and was celebrated as an epitome of revolutionary politics ,there is undoubtedly no other personality in the World history which we can equate with him. If had channelised in a route other than through the path of blood, the said life would have contributed a lot more to the World, I believe. It is quite an irony that, in the course of time, the poster boy of hard core marxism and the flagship holder of pure communist ideology had turned into a T-Shirt model, acclaimed as an idol for drug mafias and elevated as an excuse to many of the new age “communist followers” for justifying their violent deeds. Hope the soul of Ernesto "Che" Guevara will forgive them for their mistakes. Rest in peace, Che!

Bijoy P Pulipra

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