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Endemic that ends our means to make their ends.

It had changed everything in a brief, uprooted our deep rooted patterns, transformed our conventional structures, altered our voyages, disrupted our behaviour, destroyed our habits, modified our styles, wrecked our beliefs, changed our timings, spoiled our plans, modified our thoughts, dragged our ideas , pushed our economies, mocked our drills and stretched our finances.

The pandemic had taken the businesses for granted, tagged and dragged the toplines to bottom, ruined the profits, spoiled the bases, smashed the creativity, devastated the employments and drained the exchequers.

The epidemic which was born in the lofty corridors of a barren laboratory in Wuhan had pushed the entire World into the icy chills of hospital ventilators, where good, bad and ugly, bold and beautiful, intelligent and wise, illiterates and idiots, young and old, priests and atheists, fanatic and lunatic, all are equally struggling for a mouthful of breath, when the hospitals and pharma behemoths are looking for the tailors to stitch their new attires with very deep pockets to save all the money which are flowing to their coffers out of our coffins, through the counters made up of greed.

Yes, the epidemic is a threat to many but a great occasion to few and let them enjoy their share of cake, before it’s icing starts to melt. Let this endemic make their ends when it ends our means!

Bijoy P Pulipra

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