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Departing Souls

It was an ecstatic and unique experience to see the grand yellow tree with greyish trunks and branches, standing detached in the corner of the well-designed and rock paved walkways running through the nerves of the great Kanakakunnu Palace, surrounded by a cluster of lush green trees with many parakeets flying around to settle on the swaying tips to merge themselves in the greenery of those heavenly bushes, pouring thousands of golden leaves together in a twitch on the touch of a mighty but gentle breeze, alas, it was really a beautiful scene and I stopped walking on the gorgeous and magnanimous sight of falling leaves, like rain falling from the clouds, while the white colored cranes searching for their breakfast among the bushes and lawns walked over those fallen leaves, which covered the walkways in front of me. I lived here for many decades, I walked through those rocky walkways million times and I crushed those leaves under the boots and ignored those soothing yet sharp voice of parakeets, still how can I ignore those falling leaves, which is nothing but the departing souls of the mighty grand yellow tree.
Bijoy P Pulipra

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