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A bicycle - Long story short

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Suddenly we heard a loud screeching sound along with a feeble but painful cry and it took some time to comprehend that the same was of Mohanan Chettan, who was riding his cycle through the small village road connecting our remote village to rest of the World. The said fatal fall could have severely injured his head if he tripped on the rocks which was lying beside the accident spot. Fortunately, he and his cycle fell on the sand pile near the road, which was kept there for some constructions works, thanks to that, he had only few deep bashes on his legs and hands. Me and my brother, hid underneath the coat in our bedroom for more few hours, carefully listening to the noises of the people who were discussing about the untenable actions of ‘someone’ who had tied a barbed wire across the road without no indication of the blockage. When the situation improved, we slowly slipped out of the coat and visited the accident spot to find that the barbed wire which we tied across the road is broken from middle and the side mirrors, dynamo and the headlight of the new cycle of Mohanan Chettan are scattered over there in many pieces. We felt bit of regret of the moment on which we had decided to tie the wire across the street first and then to place a warning board with skull symbol on it. It should have been other way around or could have planned more cautiously and meticulously , so that, it could have saved our wire as well as his cycle. We were trying to make a replica of what we have seen on the road on our way to home, back from school, where the road tarring was going by blocking the road with a wire after placing a skull symbol on it! We had successfully copied the scene but failed to implement it properly, which was due to lack of knowledge, planning and expertise.

Years have passed! Even now the said incident often regurgitates in my mind when I try to do anything on professional front as well as on personal front. I had learned to plan and plant the things in its order before venturing into an uncharted territory were I have no expertise and experience. The barometer of confidence will remain in moderate and sober mode whenever I think about the wounds that we have inflicted on his body due to the carelessness and lack of planning. I learned to manage my calm even in situations which are having tremendous pressure, thanks to the good old days which had taught us those golden lessons. I have learned to arrive at a solution rather than hovering too much around the problems, thanks to the mindful of reminiscences that are throbbing in my memories.. Now i have learned to copy something and paste it in better manner!!

Bijoy P Pulipra

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