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Coronomics- We shall overcome.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

The first case of Corona had been reported in China in the month of November, 2019 and in just few months’ time it had filled the rest of the World with fear of anxiety and uncertainty. The Corona alias nCovid-19 virus has not only impacted the physical and mental wellbeing of our society but had affected its economic and social wellbeing also. It is undoubtedly a big blow on the World economy which is already struggling with a general economic slowdown. The fear of an incumbent economic freeze had started gripping the thrifts, world over,  when the US and Europe economies were predicted to face a Corona driven recession by July, 2020. The trepidation of nCovid-19 had resulted in blood baths across trading streets, investors got panicked as never before, affected the manufacturing, trading and service industries to a very deeper and larger extent. The travel and tourism industries are witnessing a nose deep dive to a long and narrow ditch of which the bottom is yet to be discovered. When we opened the economic barriers to the rest of the World, the liberalization had happened not only on financial front but on health and hygienic front also. The Covid-19 had concreted the concept that the Whole World is One family- truly Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

The airports, once where thriving with lot of energy and positivity are now deserted and dampened with smell of a hospital. The passengers once were blessed with enthusiastic accosts of beautiful hostess are now greeted by medical professionals covered in green masks and full covered surgical costumes. While TV channels are eyeing on high TAM ratings by licking on the wounds, Whatsapp and email messages are getting filled with advices to prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus, of which few are authentic, some are funny, many are just full of craps but for sure all those are highly fear inflicting and depressing. Students were waiting for the exam free days were given with what they wished for but with condemnation that they should restrict themselves within the four walls of their home throughout this vacation. While Hyper markets, Online shops and kirara shops are sharing the equal agony and sorrow, the affluent five star hotels and way side eateries are trying to find equality in terms of their business. Some politicians are trying to increase their vote bank by putting “joker” cards and while few others are working tirelessly to swim it across. For few , it is an opportunity whereas for others it is a real threat. For some, it is the time to spill the venom of hatred while for others it is an opportunity to display their dispassionate compassion.

Though the situation is bit bleak and shabby it is not the end of the world. Like the phoenix bird, the World shall take re-birth from the ashes of Covid and regain the strength to fight against such ills and odds. It is sure that, one day, we shall overcome this and it will also pass on.

Bijoy P Pulipra

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