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#VolodymyrZelensky's #BheeshmaParvam

As a Keralite, you have only very limited options to opt out from being a fan of #Mammooty or #Mohanlal, and the love for them often swings from one to other like a pendulum, based on the characters they are breathing life into. The #BheeshmaParvam, the recent Malayalam movie is inspired by the character of legendary #Bheeshma , in which the Megastar #Mammooty had magnificently presented the lead role of a don who is having soft sides and sympathies towards the poor and needy, which will surely fill your heart with immense and intense love to #Mammooty, the beloved #Mamukka!. The Movie, marvellously designed and crafted by its director, Mr #AmalNeerad , deserves a huge round of applause and appreciation for its making and characterization and one will get thrilled when the central characters are winning over the evil, by cold cutting of the throats of villainous people, by punching a hole into the stomach of the goons with sharp iron from which the blood is flushing out to the screen and you surely will get enthralled to see the hero is taking control over the lawless land where no police is seen anywhere in the frame! Yes, the movies are meant to thrill the people and of course it is a thriller in that sense. Hats Off to the creators.

Though the nail-biting sequences of the movie had pushed me to the edge of the seat and shall pull your heart too upto the mouth due to excitement, I could not relate the cold-blooded Don in the movie with the legendary kingmaker#Bheeshma, the protector of #Hastinapura, the palatial place of #Kuruvamsha, who devoted his mind, body and soul to his nation and his countrymen.

Though the don movies are meant to thrill you and drive you to the edge of the seat and eventually make the said fictitious characters get adopted to the bottom of our heart with all its willingness, the cold-blooded murders-political as well as apolitical- happening in our society on a daily basis are not making us that thrilled and fascinated. When we read the news of a gangster who took the parted leg of his enemy to the rusty road in his bike, we were more exasperated than fascinated and more irritated than thrilled! When you listen to the evening debates in television desks where the political leaders are proudly counting the numbers of their #Martyrs and #Balidanis, we are getting more shamed than be delighted about those cold-blooded slaughterers. Of course, the movies like #Bhishma are not only meant to be thrilled but meant to be inspired and imitated also.

When #VolodymyrZelensky, the #Ukranian President is fighting like #Bheeshma, for the life of his people and trying to hold the pride of his nation, the #VladimirVladimirovichPutin, the Russian President is pushing his war to invade a nation, shamelessly and fearlessly. The irony is that, we are seeing a hero in failing #VolodymyrZelensky and reflecting a villainous shade on #Putin, the winning one. If villainous invader #Putin, who offed the channels of discussions and pulled the sword of war is our hero, then we are getting learned to be thrilled on mass murders!

#Bheeshma, the Pithamaha of Pandavas and Kauravas, is a legendary character of #Mahabharatha, who made the death to wait until #Utharayana while resting his body on the arrow-bed stitched for him by his beloved grandson Arjuna, was a great statesman and a leader who had given many chances to the errant to correct their mistakes before swinging his weapon to send them to their coffins. When we are closing the doors of discussions and opening the war path, you are not becoming a hero as in a don movie, but being trashed in the minds of good people. So, a movie that is meant to thrill should never mislead one to warpath, where the doors of mutual discussion and consensus are closed.

Let consensus prevail over the war, let conciliation prevail over conquer, let harmony prevail over chaos, let brotherhood prevail over hatred and let the will of #Zelensky prevail over the might of #Putin. Wishing the team behind #BheeshmaParvam all the very success and let it thrill the viewers only during the screen time and not during the off screens.

Bijoy P Pulipra

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