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Vizhijam- The New Gateway of India. #Tathastu!

Being a native of #Trivandrum, I was thrilled and amused with the opportunities that can be thrown open by a deep-water #Transhipment Terminal at #Vizhinjam, a region located just 16 km from the city centre, way back in 1999, in a program hosted Mr Eliyas Babu on Soorya TV, and got fascinated about the transformation that can happen to the entire state, especially to my city Trivandrum, once that is realised. I learnt that #Vizhijam was the capital city of Cheras, who established their dynasty in Kerala during the 7th to 11th century and felt sad about the political leadership of Kerala who had no will and might to open up the vast opportunities that could spur up the growth potential of the entire region in particular and the State in general.

Since then, I eagerly started following the developments happening on that front and astonished, often ashamed, to see the lack of political will of our leaders who are getting shamelessly compromised in front of unprecedented but agenda-driven pressure tactics from various lobbies, which includes religious groups, international and local port lobbies, local political agendas etc. Many times, the project seemed lost and felt utterly hopeless when the Tamilnadu proposed a transhipment Seaport at Kulachal, which is only a few kilometres away from the proposed international seaport. Years passed by, and I entered into the profession of Company Secretaryship in 2006; the State government invited the global tender for establishing the port, and I submitted the resignation letter from my employment and started independent practice, foreseeing the vast opportunities that could be thrown open by the new port. But, like any other project in Kerala, nothing happened for many years. #Kerala as a State had lost billion-dollar opportunities due to the lethargic and compromised attitude followed by the political parties that ruled Kerala for many years. Finally, #Adani won the bid and made the ball rolling, but that, too, was stopped many times by the same politicians who are now shamelessly claiming a fair share of the tasty bone. Since #Adani took over the project, the ruling party and the opposition have showcased shameless non-cooperation by holding hands with some (un)holy religious groups funded by other international and regional port lobbies. However, by overcoming all the hurdles and artificially created roadblocks, the Vizhinjam International Seaport is all set to welcome the first mega-ship to its shores by giving a grand water salute.

When, 18 years after my resignation, #ZhenHua-15, a heavy-load cargo carrier sailing from the #East #China Sea with a gigantic crane on its huge belly, anchoring on the shores of #VizhinjamInternationalSeaport, India’s first and only mega port, I am thrilled in the same manner as I was in 1999. I am sure that the new port is destined to mark a golden milestone in the growth corridor of the State of Kerala and shall elevate the City of Thiruvananthapuram to the crown of the world commercial map. Vizhinjam is undoubtedly a feather in the cap of Gowtham #Adanis’ conglomerate and will soon become a jewel on its crown. The port that can accommodate the largest vessel in the world will attract more companies, employment opportunities, fresh talents, new businesses, huge revenue, immense infrastructure and heavy private and public investment to Thiruvananthapuram to make it #MegaCity in no time. #Tathastu! I wish the team behind the project all the best.

Bijoy P Pulipra FCS, LL.M, IP, RV Advocate

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