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The Worms (#Puzhu) in our mind

As the online critics' judge, I could not see any religion in it, failed to grasp fanatism in it, and became unsuccessful to feel fascism in it, but I could perceive a strong storyline with a clear sense of direction, gripping background score, and the best of the actor in it. The recent Malayalam movie released on #SonyLiv, is nothing short of a good movie which is taking you through the swirls of the inner consciousness of a man who is gripped by the social norms he was brought up with and the fearfulness about the inevitable paybacks to his unleashed but corrupted and tainted bureaucratic life, heaviness of his head due to the shamefulness that had caused to his family by his sister due to her marriage misadventures and struggle to become a strict but loving father to his only son, who had lost his mother at early days of his life. The character, breathed the life by the fine actor #Mammooty, is near to the charisma of #Balagopalan of #Thaniyavathanam, and the Director can be proud of her attempt to make this fabulous one.

Nowadays, the Facebook comment columns are frightening me, as it carries all the dirt of the minds of so-called secularist, fascist, and fanatic but in fact, all of them are nothing but lunatic and I am fearsome that, the said dark net may absolve me also into it sooner or later. We, unfortunately, learnt to see religion in all, politics in every turn, and opportunism in each nook learnt to depreciate the good and failed to differentiate the bad. The political leaders, rulers and role models have lost their minds, acting frantically than discretionally. The real #Puzhu (the worm) is in our minds and we are yet to ascertain it!

But the hope is not yet lost if the #Puzhu (the worm) gives you some kind of prickliness in your consciousness and that is a symptom that, the noble one inside you is still throbbing to come out of its darkness. Let the worms tickle your senses, till you realize that, you are not a paralyzed corpse but a man of senses.

Hats off to team #Puzhu and the finest actor of our times!

Bijoy P Pulipra

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