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The Venomous Mukundan Unni & us

While the deadly poison, disguised as medicine, burned down to his intestine, paving the way to deeper wounds that cost his life and the throats of two fortune seekers being slited and chopped into bloody pieces with sharp knives for the sake of being powerful, the cold-blooded criminals were longing for one common factor- Success. Greeshma and Bhagaval Singh, the cold-blooded assassins in recent times, would have grinned while the victims begged for their mercy and would have tasted a glimpse of success, at least momentarily.

For them, they were clearing the thorns and sharp stones in their ways for a better tomorrow and were justified in their actions. In a society where blind led the blinds, intoxicated led the hallucinated, perverts led the mindless, and greedy showed the brainless, Advocate Mukundan Unni, characterised by Vineeth Sreenivasan, had smoothly slipped into the minds of many of the viewers while being immersed in the darkness of the theatres, and clueless to trace any mistakes in the dark shades of his greedy and dangerous mindset. In the darkness of the hallway, many of them may be longing for such success!

Advocate Mukundan Unni, an embodiment of all negativities with the dullness, cruelty and cunningness of the society encompassed into his very nature, is coloured in a very dark, creepy and venomous manner. Nothing prevents him from achieving his ultimate and well-conceived goals, whether it is his mother, the love of his life, colleagues, friends, or seniors, and he has no regrets about any of his deeds. Jealousy, cunningness, greed, cruelty, hostility and cold-bloodedness symbolises the character of Advocate Mukundan Unni and that deadly smirk on his face, every time he clears a hurdle on his path, is not colder than the smile of Greeshma and the might of Bhagaval Singh.

Advocate Mukundan Unni is omnipresent, and you need to look around to find such deeper shades like him. He may be there as your political stalwart, mentor, saviour, guide, neighbour, teacher, or lover, and his character may be deeply rooted in the greed-stricken society, injecting venom into its veins to have delusions in your brain. You may find the senseless, brainless and hallucinated victims of Mukundan Unni, in the furiousness of the hopelessly longer political marches, in the endless sorrow of the families of the victims of blood-stained political propaganda, in the deep and shallow eyes of the youngsters wandering for solace in the depth of drugs, in the helplessness of the victims of drug tests lying on beds of multi-speciality hospitals, in the foxy minds of social media influencers waiting for the injured skulls of fighting goats, feverishness of religious scapegoats walking with black-coloured thick veils over their freedom, fierceness of the victims of nationalist and regionalist agenda and helplessness of many other wounded souls who fell prey to the greedy shades of the society and are longing for an escape from the grief that had created massive walls around their minds.

Success! is the buzzword everyone longs for, and Mukundan Unni represents such a dark and creepy-minded society. The character accurately depicts the present society's mindset, and, unlike other cliché stories, the villainous Mukundan Unni, like his counterparts in our community, is not facing any setback at any point in his life. He is fearless about everything, even his death, for the greed of success.

Bijoy P Pulipra

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