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Into the valley of dreams!

It was an unusually hectic day for me, when I finally fell on to the window seat of the Indigo airlines and vainly tried to pull down my eyelids which were horribly tired due to hefty loads of work that had excessively drained my brain over a period of days. The risk paused by the work had haunted me like an unpleasant dream and had prevented me from getting into the shell of calmness that can be gifted only by the goddess of sleep.

Amidst the announcement of the stewards, I slowly fell asleep and left behind the roar of the engines and hasty thoughts but had got interrupted abruptly, on call of the hostess who was desperately trying to sell the confectionaries. While cursing that girl on her unnecessary eagerness to serve their guest, I prayed for the blessing of the Goddess once again, but miserably failed on that attempt. My mind started trembling with the consequences of missing the deadlines and the damages that can cause to me in long run. My eyes, half asleep, slowly slipped through the window on which I slanted my throbbing head, while trying to find some sleep, slowly fell on to the vast planes of land which is far beneath the icy clouds which were spread around me with seamless beauty of perpetuity. I could see the green vast paddy fields fenced by the rusty mountains and small houses which are smaller than ants. From that heights, the life on earth seems so calm and jovial and the cheeks of the mountains were blushed with the evening rays of the ultimate witness. No man was seen anywhere in the vicinity and the bustling roads were seen as calm as silent rivers passing through the heart of the land mass. I forgot all my tensions, worries and troubles and got blessed with the sleep for next few hours, till the announcement to wear the seat belts were heard aloud.

The turbulence caused by harsh landing of the flight, followed by the screeching loud noise of tyres brushing on the tarred landing road, had suddenly pushed me into reality, unplugged my calmness and then dragged me into bustling streets, targets, deadlines, meetings and madness in a twitch. I left behind calmness of the misty clouds, vastness of the plain fields, gorgeousness of great mountains and got pulled back into the hell of thoughts which turned me into an ordinary man who is gasping for the breath in the swirls and winds of the mighty earthly world.

Bijoy P Pulipra

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