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Growth Strategies for your Business

It is one of the interesting topics for me to read and to write. An entrepreneur with enterprising skills will always look towards for the expansion of his business by adopting various growth strategies. In fact growth is the main objective of all the business irrespective of its areas of operation, country of operation and method of operation. In order to achieve the targeted growth an enterprise has to identify and grab the fuel for travelling that path in smoother manner. That fuel is nothing but the capital to invest.

There are multiple ways to attain the desired capital to fuel the growth strategies. The major factor to be considered for raising the capital is the readiness of the promoters to dilute their holdings in the entity. There are other ways through which the the company can identify the capital without diluting the promoter’s holdings also. In this article we are discussing few of the ways through which a business can identify the capital to fuel its growth strategies.

Ploughing back the profits.

This is the most common method to adopted by many of the Corporates to attain the planned growth. In this method the the company will reinvest its