Would like to do

He can redraw the lines of the boxes to provide you a solution. Being an expert in Corporate Laws, he loves to write articles and blogs, to take sessions in Corporate Seminars and thereby educate general public on various corproate matters and its implication on them. This site is mainly intended to educate the people regularly on various corporate matters, Corporate-Polictical, Corporate Ecnomical and Corproate Social Matters in an authenctic and subject oreinted manner


Corporate Training

Subject to availability of time and based on specific request he will conduct indepth Corporate classes for a class of persons such as Directors, CFO's, COO's and also to management students. He provides exclusive mentoring services to start ups / expansion units by handholding them to the next level of buisiness by providing timely guidance and support.

Corporate Law Advisory

Being a specialist in FEMA, Corporate and banking laws he provides solution based advisory to Corporates on case to case basis manner

Appearance before Legal authorities

As an expert in Corporate laws, he represents his clients before various authorities such as National Company law Board Tribunals, Reserve Bank of India, Director General of Foreign Trade, Debt Recovery Tribunals and the appellate authorities